Council Powers

What can a Parish Council do?

A Parish Council can do many things to improve the community it serves by adopting ‘powers’, some of which are listed below. The principal council (in our case, this is Calderdale Council,) still has responsibilities for these issues but the parish council can also contribute. This means residents can benefit from the detailed knowledge of local councillors and the support and experience of Calderdale Council when making decisions.

  • Light roads and public places
  • Provide litter bins, parking places for vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles
  • Power to enter into an agreement as to dedication and widening of roads
  • Power to complain to the district council regarding protection of rights of way
  • Provide and equip buildings for use of clubs having athletic, social  or educational objectives
  • Right to be notified of planning applications
  • Provide community transport schemes
  • Provide allotments – duty to consider providing allotments if demand is unsatisfied
  • Provide roadside seats and shelters
  • Power to acquire land for or to provide recreation grounds, public walks, pleasure grounds and open spaces and to manage and control them
  • Power to provide traffic signs and other notices
  • Plant trees etc.and to maintain roadside verges
  • Repair and maintain public footpaths and bridleways
  • Consent of parish council required for ending maintenance of highway at public expense, or for stopping up or diversion of highway