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Notice of election- August 2021

NOE Stainland – August 2021

Pond Survey July 2021

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NOE Stainland July 21

Notice of Vacancy re Conna Lee 

Coronavirus (COVID-19)Advice and updates

National help and advice

For the latest information from the Government and to sign up for alerts, visit: Coronavirus (GOV.UK).

There is advice on visiting elderly relatives, moving house and when you are allowed to go out. Please visit: Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can’t do (GOV.UK).

For the latest health advice from the NHS, visit: Advice for everyone (NHS).

Stainland Cricket Club Non Turf Pitch 

Back in November 2019 Stainland Cricket Club applied to the Parish Council for a grant towards a non-turf pitch.

The work has now been completed at the ground and the new pitch is in place and is already in use.  For further details of training sessions held by the club please visit their Facebook page.

Groups within the Parish can apply for funding through the Parish Council’s Grant / Donation Scheme. Those groups outside the Parish who can demonstrate a significant benefit to the residents of the Parish may also be considered.  The scheme supports both capital and revenue projects.  The maximum amount of grant will be determined by the Council within the limits of its budget.

For further details on the scheme and a copy of the application please go to the “Documents” tab here on the Parish Council’s website

Resignation of Councillor Fiona Dixon.

Due to work commitments, Cllr Dixon has unfortunately tendered her resignation to the Parish Council which has resulted in a vacancy for a Parish Councillor in the Stainland Ward.  Please see the Notice Of Vacancy notification below.

Notice of Vacancy

The Parish Council would like to take this opportunity to thank Fiona for all her input in the past 12 months and wish her all the best in her new ventures.

Stainland Road Railings

The Parish Council has recently employed a firm to re-paint the railings on Stainland Road, given the prominent position of this site, to visually improve the area fronting on to the main road running through Stainland and Holywell Green

Prior to the work the railings were looking a little neglected but now look rejuvenated following the work

This work was a project agreed by the Environment Committee and thanks go to Cllr Fieldhouse who did all the research work into sourcing contractors and met with them on site, keeping to social distancing guidelines, to discuss the work before, during and after the project.

Stainland & District Parish Council Chair’s Annual Statement 2020

As Chair of Stainland & District Parish, I would like to make the following statement.

I would like to pass on my thanks to all the Parish Councillors for their work over the past year; their commitment; the ideas they have put forward and the passion for making a difference within the community in which they live.

The past 12 months has not only seen new Parish Councillors elected for the first time in the Stainland & District parish but also the introduction of various committees within the Parish Council, these now include: Planning, Policy & Finance, Environmental and Events & Communications, with Parish Councillors taking up Chair positions on these committees.

A number of projects have taken place during this short year; these include a new bench for residents on Station Road, Holywell Green; tidying of the land opposite the Holywell Inn including the refurbishment of the railings around it;  the provision of a skip for residents of West View and the purchase of a slide for Stainland Park, which is waiting to be installed once these uncertain times have passed.  Other ideas have been put forward for projects, however most of these are temporarily on hold until the Parish Council can resume a safe and functioning position again within the community.

I would also like to pass on my gratitude for the exceptional and efficient work from our Parish Clerk and for endeavouring to ensure all policies and procedures have been robustly put in place, especially during these unprecedented times.

It is unfortunate that our first year with elected Parish Councillors has been cut short due to the COVID19 pandemic, however our priority is to ensure our community is safe and that we adhere to all government stipulations during these unprecedented times.

Kind regards.

Paul Bellenger

Essential Works on Scammonden Bridge (aka Rainbow Bridge)

As you may be aware, Highways England has agreed to carry out some essential work to Scammonden Bridge, otherwise known as Rainbow Bridge, which carries the B6114 over the M62. Their role as the custodian of the strategic road network is to operate, maintain and improve the motorways and major A roads across the country.

A-one+ will carry out this work on behalf of Highways England.

A-one+ are working closely with the Samaritans on this extremely sensitive issue and are trying to balance communicating the work to those affected while not drawing attention to this location as much as possible and would appreciate your co-operation on this matter.

The work outlined is still scheduled to go ahead and A-one+ will be closing the B6114 from Monday 27 April 2020.

A-one+ are doing what they can to support residents in isolation, for example:

  • They are working with Highways England national stakeholder team to liaise with delivery companies, supermarkets etc to ensure deliveries can still be made
  • Their site team are willing to let key workers, delivery vans emergency services and post through during site hours 7am to 6pm

Remembrance Service

There will be Remembrance Day Service at Stainland Memorial Park this Sunday, 8th November 2020, at 3.00pm.

The service is organised by the Royal British Legion and

Stainland and District Parish Council will be laying a wreath on behalf of the residents of the Parish.

Please come and share in this important act of remembrance for all those lost and injured in conflict

The West Yorkshire Car Sharing Scheme.

Stainland & District Parish Council are committed to looking at ways in helping us all tackle pollution, be more resourceful in how we make our journeys and also acknowledge that we currently don’t have the best public transport service in our Parish ( as well as saving ourselves some money!). With this in mind, at our Environmental Committee meeting on Tuesday 29th October it was  discussed the options of car sharing for people who need to commute to Halifax, Huddersfield, Leeds, and Manchester (and beyond) who maybe didn’t know these schemes exist. We have done a bit of research and there is a scheme up and running called which is endorsed by CMBC. You can join easily and offer to share or, ask for a lift!

The success of the scheme depends on as many people as possible joining – the more members there are, the more likely it is that you will find a car sharing match. So tell your friends, family and colleagues about the scheme!

Keep going back to the site to search for new matches if you don’t find one straight away, because more people are joining all the time.

Remember to update your record or journey types as they change over time – this way, the site is always up-to-date and you are more likely to find a match that works.

Manchester Airport Future Airspace

In 2017 the Government published a policy on the future of UK airspace.  This made it clear that modernisation is essential and also led to the industry’s regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), developing the Airspace Modernisation Strategy (CAP1711). The strategy reflects the fact UK airspace is among the busiest in the world, having been designed for a different era. One of the foundations of this strategy is the need to respond to changes in technology and the improved navigational capabilities of current aircraft.

As part of this, the Government requires Manchester Airport to lead a process of changing the airspace around the airport, which relates to flight paths used by aircraft arriving at or departing from Manchester Airport and flying at heights of up to 7,000ft. The UK en-route air traffic control provider (NATS) is responsible for reviewing flight paths above 7,000ft.

There is a clear process for the airport, as change sponsors, to follow, which is set out by the CAA called CAP1616, and this will take more than two years.

The first phase within CAP1616 (step 1B) is called “Define” and requires Manchester Airport to agree the broad principles to adopt when designing new flight paths. This is not a formal consultation, but a requirement to develop a good understanding of the “principles” that matter most to the people and organisations affected by the airport’s operations.

Manchester Airport has a long history of talking to and working with the communities around the airport, and the approach to this project will be no different.

During step 1B, Manchester Airport will be holding a series of focus groups, organised by independent research organisation YouGov. They will involve a wide range of stakeholders from surrounding communities to ensure that there is a representative view on what matters to people ahead of designing the options for future flight paths.

Focus group attendees will be asked a series of questions to help gather their views on the “principles” that should be considered. There are 11 questions looking at a range of topics, such as whether it’s better to concentrate flight paths over one area or spread them out more widely, and balancing noise and emissions.

It is also important that anyone who is interested or has a view can join the conversation, and therefore there is a document outlining the approach and asking people questions about what should be considered at step 1B. This is on our dedicated website at, which has a link to the online form where people can answer the questions ( The document also includes further background and a series of FAQs, which you may find useful if you have further questions, or if you are asked about the process. The questionnaire is open until 6th October 2019.

It is important to note that at the moment there are no specific proposals for how airspace around Manchester could change. It is therefore imperative that those affected by the airport’s operations submit their views on the “principles” to consider when modernising the routes.  This will result in a set of “Design Principles” that will be taken forward into developing a set of options during 2020 ahead of a full consultation.

Stainland Conservation Area Character Appraisal Proposal

Brief Background

Following work on the Local Plan and extensive research into Stainland Conservation Area, problems with the recognition of the Conservation Area were highlighted. It was felt that Stainland Conservation Area would benefit from a review (a statutory requirement). An updated Character Appraisal would assist in enabling the protection of the area’s special interest, character and appearance. A request was made to Calderdale Council’s Cabinet for an updated Character Appraisal. Since this request, Historic England have submitted comments raising concern on the two sites in Stainland in the Local Plan.


 11th June 2018 – Stainland and District Community Association asked Calderdale MBC to look at bringing about an up to date Character Appraisal for the Stainland Conservation Area to replace the old three page leaflet published in 1982.  A copy of which can be viewed below.

  • 15th June 2018 –The written response from Calderdale MBC stated that “In principle the council would be prepared to work with the Community Association; however, even with assistance, the preparation of a Character appraisal is a time intensive task.  In view of this the Council intends on streamlining the process, before undertaking further Appraisals.  The realistic timescale for an Appraisal to commence would be early 2019”  
  • 21st June 2018 – SADCA’s request for an updated Appraisal and Calderdale MBC’s response presented to Stainland and District Parish Council. 
  • 27th September 2019 – members of the Parish Council met with the Conservation Officer from Calderdale MBC who explained the department is short of Conservation staff. It was likely that any future appraisals by Calderdale MBC would be very brief. Paying for a private consultant to produce an appraisal was an option – possibly costing £15,000 for a comprehensive report. It was confirmed that Character Appraisals were useful in planning appeals.
  • 25th October 2018 – the Parish Council was presented with a proposal to obtain a Character Appraisal for the Stainland Area and it was agreed to get costings. It was pointed out that volunteers could do some of the legwork, which could potentially reduce the cost.
  • 15th November 2018 – the Parish Council were provided feedback on the Character Appraisal research. It was resolved that possible costings would be obtained & provided to the Parish Council before any decision as to whether to proceed could be made. A concern was raised that it might not be a popular “spend” with residents of the parish as it was not something visual.
  • 18th December 2018 – the Parish Council were provided with four fee proposals for consideration. The lowest fee proposal was £6,600 plus expenses but with no Management Plan. Another fee proposal was in the range of £6,500 to £8,000.
  • 9th January 2019 – A proposed amount of £6,000 was accounted for in the proposed budgets over the 2018 & 2019 financial years.
  • 17th January 2019 – it was agreed at the Parish Council meeting to set up a Working Group to investigate all aspects of an up-to-date Character Appraisal.
  • 5th February 2019 – meeting held to set up the Working Group. It was agreed to look for fixed fee quotes as it was felt expenses were an unknown element with the fee proposals.
  • 21st February 2019 – the Parish Council were informed that the Working Group had been established and it was made up of 5 individuals. It was agreed that Calderdale MBC should be contacted regarding exploring a contribution from them following the comments made in June 2018. A fixed fee proposal had been obtained from one company of £7,380 (including VAT) and it was resolved that further fixed fee proposals would be obtained.
  • 11th March 2019 – the Parish Council contacted Calderdale MBC to ask if they would consider contributing towards the cost of an updated Character Appraisal.
  • 21 March 2019 – the Parish Council received 2 further fixed fee proposals, the lowest being £6.750 (company exempt from VAT). The Working Group would look to do some of the work to reduce the cost further.
  • 26th March 2019 – the Parish Council received the response from Calderdale MBC that stated:

Unfortunately the Planning Service does not have any financial budget that it could contribute to a Stainland Conservation Area character appraisal. Whilst we do have a small staff resource this is already over-subscribed dealing with heritage assets that are identified as being at greater risk.

Although character appraisals are not adopted as part of the Local Plan, they are taken into account in decision making on applications and enforcement cases. The Council would have to reserve its position on whether or not to endorse an appraisal until after it had reviewed its contents.”

The response also advised that:

“Other local authorities produce a variety of conservation area documents, but more recently it seems there appears to be a move towards briefer, more visual documents – these tend to be less time consuming to produce but arguably are equally as useful in terms of assisting with planning decisions. 

With regard to the involvement of the local community, I understand it is feasible for a local group to initiate and develop their own such appraisal, either writing their own or commissioning a consultant to do so on their behalf.  Indeed in the case of the Luddenden Conservation Area, the first draft of the appraisal was prepared by the Luddenden Conservation Society with advice offered from Calderdale Council’s Conservation Team, and similarly the Calder Civic Trust contributed significantly to the content of the Hebden Bridge Conservation Area Appraisal.  However the resources which will inevitably be required from the Conservation Team, in terms of guidance, assistance, the production of cabinet reports, etc still needs to be borne in mind.”

1992 Stainland Conservation Area Leaflet